One Day

If you had ONE DAY in a recording studio how would you use it? Would you scramble to write a symphony or hire a choir? Would you run out and buy a new instrument to sound your best? Would you call up the garage band you used to rock with in high school and see if they still had the chops to come sit in?
There’s so much life in music and I feel like that rings true partly because it takes so much life to make it. It can sometimes take months to finish a song, it can take years to save up for the funds to record an album and on top of that it still takes hours upon hours to practice and make sure it’ll all come out right when the red light is on! But, by faith, I’m believing with ever increasing confidence that the music we have to share with you later this year is going to be exponentially more life giving than how much it took from us to create it.
On November 10th, 2017 Christa and I had the opportunity to spend ONE DAY in the studio and by God’s grace I feel like we were able to make one day sound like three! We called a group of about fifteen friends to come sing with us, we pulled in some more friends to play percussion and keys, one friend captured some photos of us recording while another lugged a bunch of lighting and camera equipment in to capture video. At the end of it all we’ll soon be able to share 5 live recordings of songs from our last record, 5 live recordings of new songs, 2 song videos and a new video of us sharing the heart of who we are as For the Fatherless. It’s amazing what you can do in one day when you have great friends!
Whether these songs find someone singing along in their car as they drive to work on a busy day or whether they find someone taking a break from social media or email for five minutes to watch a video on their phone, I’m trusting God to breathe peace and hope into those moments and use these songs to remind us who we are in Him.
Thank you so much for supporting our music and encouraging us to pour our lives in to what God’s doing through For the Fatherless. We cannot wait to share all He has done!

-Brian & Christa Yak 


Christa Yakaboski